Roye Robley is the clear choice in providing the most personal, professional, and positive recording experience within a reasonable budget. His knowledge of his craft is unparalleled and his final product is always killer. - Sam Patt (Belmont)

We just finished our third album with Roye, so suffice to say we're happy with the product we get from him. But more than that, we enjoy the process of working with him. Roye is patient, knowledgable, creative, handsome, and constructive in his criticisms, and he has a candle in his studio so it never gets too smelly. He may not have a fancy robot or a standing desk, but he has a deep understanding of both recording and songwriting, which makes him pretty much the ideal producer. Our songs are better because of his input, which we were happy to get from him in all phases of production, from songwriting to completion. Plus, he's easy on the eyes. We will gladly continue working with him for as long as he'll have us, or until he gets a couple top 40 hits on his resume and we can't afford him anymore. - DJ Crenson (Stop.Drop.Rewind)